Ni wire DKRNT 0.025 NP2

Copper powder PMU - Nickel wire DKRNT NP1/NP2


  • Společnost EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF MODERN TECHNOLOGIES a.s. dováží tento materiál přímo od výrobce s certifikáty Giredmet (chemické složení a čistota). Po dohodě s kupujícím společnost EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF MODERN TECHNOLOGIES a.s.  může provést recertifikaci podle norem EU u IGAS GmbH Goslar.

  • Company EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF MODERN TECHNOLOGIES a.s. import the material directly from the manufacturer with certificates Giredmet (chemical composition and purity). After the agreement with the buyer company EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF MODERN TECHNOLOGIES a.s. may perform recertification according to EU standards at IGAS GmbH Goslar.

Významový slovník

  • NP1 - chemická čistota výrobku 99,90 - 99,99% (GOST 2179 - 75)
  • NP1 - chemical purity of the product 99.90 to 99.99% (GOST 2179-75)

  • NP2 - chemická čistota výrobku 99,80 - 99,89% (GOST 2179 - 75)
  • NP2 - chemical purity of the product 99.80 to 99.89% (GOST 2179-75)

  • PMU (Ultra Dispersed Powder) TU 1793–001–50316079 –2004

Ni wire DKRNT 0.025 NP2

  • Chemical purity — 99,80%-99,89%
  • Nickel wire DKRNT 0.025 KT NP-2 is made of nickel NP-2  with chemical purity of at least 99.8%. Nickel wire DKRNT 0.025 NP-2 KT is used in microelectronics, electronics and microwelding. It can be also used as a bank instrument.
  • High-quality nickel wire, produced by our company, has a clean surface without any exfoliation, voids and cracks. Lubricant residues, surface roughness and a slight deviation in diameter (State Standard GOST 2179 - 75) are not considered disadvantage of quality. Nickel wire has a physically resistance of 880 to 1320 MPa, or 90 - 135 kgf/mm2.
  • The nickel wire that is produced is wound around coils. Each coil is to be composed of one segment of the wire (clause 5.3, GOST 2179 - 75 this is not followed by all manufacturers. By purchasing wires manufactured against State Standard (GOST), buyers are at risk of having trouble with the certification and appreciation of goods abroad, and a Letter of Credit. If more than one segment is wound, it will be difficult to determine the content of the coil. So there can be cases where the diameters of the nickel wires are different or even wire that are made of another metal under a few wraps of DKRNT 0.025 KT. 
  • The endings of the wire are safely fixed. When nickel wire is being transported, it is necessary to protect it from mechanical damage, chemicals and moisture as well. In consideration of this, our company paid carefulattention to the packaging: the surface of the wire is protected by wrapping paper. In addition, each coil is placed in a plastic container,this is a beneficial step that ensures good quality in different climatic conditions. Coils can be placed in a shockproof case at the request of the customer.

Specification Ni wire NP2

  • Product name: 

    Nickel wire "ДКРНТ 0,025  КТ НП2"

  • Nickel content: not less than 99,80%
  • Controlled impurities: C, Mg, Si, P, S, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, As, Cd, Sn, Sb, Pb, Bi
  • Diametr: 0,025 mm
  • Profile cross - section: Round
  • Packing: The wire is wound on metel bobbins, the surface is protected by packing paper, ends of the wire are securely fixed. Each bobbin is packed in a plastic container with marking on it. Containers with bobbins are packed into damage - proof plastic (metal) boxes.


  • Of chemical contents (GIREDMET) Ru/Ang
  • On Impurities Determination (GIREDMET) Ru/Ang
  •  IGAS GmbH Goslar, Germany (If required by the customer .Certificate , the customer pays) Ang
  • Classification system: Nickel Wire on bobins is radiological safe. The specific natural radioactivity of Nickel Wire is no more than 1.10/-11 Ci/g.

The designation  "ДКРНТ 0,025  КТ НП2" is interpreted follows:

  • "Д" - Method of producing - cold deformed
  • "КР" - Section form - Round
  • "Н" - Production accuracy - Normal
  • "Т" - Condition - Solid
  • "КТ" - Bobbin lenght

Certificates - standard document  ДКРНТ 0,025  КТ НП2

  1.  Certificates of chemical contents (GIREDMET) ang
  2.  Certificates of chemical contents (GIREDMET) ru
  3.  Protocol of chemical contents (GIREDMET) ang   
  4.  Protocol of chemical contents (GIREDMET) ru